• elementary, middle and high school students
• undergraduate and graduate college students
• post doctoral researchers
• MD's, PhD's, DVM's, DDS's, OD's, etc.
• patient education
• general audiences
• museum audiences

Two dimensional

• encyclopedia illustration
• textbook illustration
• journal illustration
• poster illustration
• cover illustration
• editorial illustration
• poster sessions, design and production
• mural design and production
• fine art and fine art prints
• graphic design
• scientific photography / photomicroscopy
• historic and paleontologic recreations

Three dimensional

• three dimensional models – large and small
• exhibit design and production
• interactive exhibit design and production
• fossil reconstructions
• rapid prototyping computer generated models
• stereolithography models


• web site graphics, design and production
• CD-ROM graphics, design and production
• television and video graphics
• two and three dimensional animations
• Quick Time and Quick Time Virtual Reality (QTVR)
• laboratory and training manuals, design, production and testing

Subject Matter

• All Life Sciences - biology, botany, zoology, cell biology, anthropology, etc.
• Medical Sciences - clinical, surgical, human, veterinary
• Physical Sciences - chemistry, physics, earth science, astronomy, geology, etc.

What we do:

We work on everything from traditional textbook publication to three-dimensional models and exhibit design. We have the expertise to handle subject matter in most science areas. We work in all kinds of media from traditional pen and ink to computer 3-d modeling and multimedia.

What we provide every client:

• open, honest and fair pricing
• quick turn around times
• our own research capabilities
• creative and experienced production artists
• proven leadership and management
• our own art direction / management so you don’t have to!
• experience with science content
• experience with research scientists
• research resources from the University of Michigan
• press-ready digital files
• content development and testing

See examples of our work at the portfolio page.