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Jonathan Higgins

BFA, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
MFA Medical & Biological Illustration, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Jonathan tries to make sense of the natural world through aesthetic yet accurate depictions of its uncounted wonders using various traditional and digital
media. His children just like the cool drawings.

Image forthcoming...

"Jacob Carver and the Giants" children's book [Pen and ink illustrations to accompany a children's book relating the adventures of Jacob Carver and a couple of not-so-friendly forest intruders. Jacob must save his forest, but he may need to enlist the aid of the Lady of the Forest herself, Dama Groon.]

Chicken leg musculature [Pen and ink illustrations depicting the various levels of dissection, for comparison to alligator limb musculature. Created in conjunction with a Univ. of Michigan research project.]

Portraits [Personal portraits in conte crayons, charcoal, and graphite. 3 hour sitting time average.]
Images forthcoming....