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Bruce Worden

BFA Science Illustration, University of Michigan

Having recently taken up the life of a freelance artist after years of working in museum exhibit design and production, Bruce still finds his work incorporating the lessons he learned in the museum setting. He loves working with living subjects in both his 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional work, and working from home he finds his chocolate cravings quelled and his laundry done more regularly.


University of Michigan Museum of Zoology:
Entomological Illustration
–Worked one-on-one with researcher to produce anatomical illustrations for publication

Spinning Skulls Project
–Worked in small team to produce interactive QTVR images of mammal skull collection for use in university classes and on Animal Diversity Website

Cincinnati Museum Center:
Beakman’s World On Tour
–Designed and produced environments, 3-dimensional models and interactive exhibits for nationally-traveling exhibit

Cranbrook Museum of Science:
Life Science and Earth Science Galleries
–Produced 3-dimensional models for genetics and geology exhibits

Detroit Science Center:
Life Sciences Gallery
–Designed and produced unique teaching space for Life Science programs
–Designed and produced illustrations, 3-dimensional animal models and dioramas to show similarities between urban and rainforest environments

Fossil reconstruction, Univ. of Michigan Exhibit Museum of Natural History
Novel cover illustration
Portrait busts
Bertolli Art of the Tomato Exhibition
Grzimek Animal Encyclopedia illustration project